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Note 7 Material profit or loss items in operating income

All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated

  2014 2015
Material profit or loss items by item    
Terminated acquisition of GE Appliances –149 –2,059
Cost saving program Small Appliances –190
Manufacturing footprint restructuring –1,173
Program for reduction of overhead –199
Reversal of unused restructuring provisions 173
Total –1,348 –2,249

Material profit or loss items by function in the income statement

  2014 2015
Cost of goods sold –1,076 –130
Selling expenses –47 –37
Administrative expenses –115 –23
Other operating income and other operating expenses –110 –2,059
Total –1,348 –2,249

This note summarizes events and transactions with significant effects, which are relevant for understanding the financial performance when comparing income for the current period with previous periods, including items such as:

  • Capital gains and losses from divestments of product groups or major units
  • Close-down or significant down-sizing of major units or activities
  • Restructuring initiatives with a set of activities aimed at reshaping a major structure or process
  • Significant impairment
  • Other major non-recurring costs or income

In December 2015, Small Appliances operations announced and recognized a cost saving program. In 2015, as well as 2014, costs were incurred in connection with the intention to acquire GE Appliances. The agreement was terminated by GE in December 2015.

Major non-recurring items in 2014 contain efficiency measures in sales, administration and logistic organizations in Major Appliances Europe, Middle East and Africa, Major Appliances Latin America and Major Appliances Asia/Pacific and additional rationalization of the manufacturing footprint in Major Appliances Europe, Middle East and Africa.