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Note 29 Shares and participations

All amounts in SEKm unless otherwise stated

Associated companies

Participations in associated companies amounted to SEK 209m (228). Electrolux owns 39.3% of Sidème, France, with a carrying amount SEK 15m (15) and 50% of Gångaren 13 Holding AB, Sweden, with a carrying amount of SEK 195m (213). Gångaren 13 Holding AB is a real estate company owning the corporate head office in Sweden. Both companies are unlisted and the respective Electrolux participation remained unchanged during the year.

Companies classified as assets available for sale

Electrolux holds 2.7% (2.7) of the shares in Videocon Industries Ltd., India, with a carrying amount of SEK 137m (176).

Group companies

The following table lists the major companies included in the Electrolux Group. A detailed specification of Group companies has been submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office and is available upon request from AB Electrolux Investor Relations.

Subsidiaries   Holding, %
Major Group companies    
Argentina Frimetal S.A 99.51
Australia Electrolux Home Products Pty. Ltd 100 
Austria Electrolux Austria GmbH 100
Belgium Electrolux Home Products Corporation N.V. 100
Brazil Electrolux do Brasil S.A. 100
Canada Electrolux Canada Corp. 100
Chile CTI S.A. 99.51
China Electrolux (Hangzhou) Domestic Appliances Co. Ltd 100
  Electrolux (China) Home Appliance Co. Ltd 100
Denmark Electrolux Home Products Denmark A/S 100
Egypt Electrolux Egypt for Home Appliances S.A.E. 99.96
Finland Oy Electrolux Ab  100
France Electrolux France SAS 100
  Electrolux Home Products France SAS 100
  Electrolux Professionnel SAS 100
Germany Electrolux Deutschland GmbH 100
  Electrolux Rothenburg GmbH Factory and Development 100
  Electrolux Professional GmbH 100
Hungary Electrolux Lehel Kft 100
Italy Electrolux Appliances S.p.A. 100
  Electrolux Professional S.p.A. 100
  Electrolux Italia S.p.A. 100
Mexico Electrolux de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. 100
The Netherlands Electrolux Associated Company B.V. 100
  Electrolux Home Products (Nederland) B.V. 100
Norway Electrolux Home Products Norway AS 100
Poland Electrolux Poland Spolka z.o.o. 100
Russia LLC Electrolux Rus 100
Singapore Electrolux SEA Pte Ltd 100
Spain Electrolux España, S.A.U. 100
Sweden Electrolux Laundry Systems Sweden AB 100
  Electrolux HemProdukter AB 100
  Electrolux Appliances AB 100
Switzerland Electrolux AG 100
  Electrolux Professional AG 100
Thailand Electrolux Thailand Co. Ltd. 100
Ukraine DC Electrolux LLC 100
United Kingdom Electrolux Plc 100
  Electrolux Professional Ltd. 100
USA Electrolux Home Products, Inc. 100
  Electrolux North America, Inc. 100
  Electrolux Professional Inc. 100