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Sustainability leadership is crucial to realizing Electrolux strategy. The objective is to develop smarter, more accessible, resource-efficient solutions that meet people’s needs and improve their lives.

CEO Statement

Keith McLoughlin

Our vision is to be the best appliance company in the world—as measured by our customers, employees and shareholders. That also means being the sustainability leader in our industry.

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Sustainability governance

Keith McLoughlin

A Q&A with Sustainability Affairs explains how clear leadership and vision are driving sustainability more deeply across the Group. Strong board oversight, risk management and a robust auditing and monitoring program provide the supporting governance framework.

Strategic priorities

Through a robust materiality process and inclusive approach to stakeholder engagement we have determined 10 core sustainability priorities. To tackle our biggest impacts, collaboration along the value chain is key.

Performance and progress

Your guide to Group progress in dealing with the sustainability issues most relevant to the business, and details of awards and recognition earned in 2014.

Carbon Target 2020


Electrolux is cutting its CO2 impact by 50% by 2020 relative to 2005 production levels. Approximately 25 million tonnes will be cut in emissions deriving from product use, use of greenhouse gases, in production and transportation.

Recycling 1 % 1
Materials 9 % 9
Manufacturing 1 % 1
Transportation 1 % 1
Product usage 88 % 88
Average CO2 impact during the lifetime of an appliance*
Recycling 1 %
Materials 9 %
Manufacturing 1 %
Transportation 1 %
Product usage 88 %

*Calculated as the average of eleven different appliances.

In 2014, and for the eight consecutive year, Electrolux was recognized as leader of its industry sector in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. Sustainability leadership requires a clear vision, strong organizational alignment and global commitment.

The next black

When Electrolux brand AEG made its documentary The Next Black to explore the future of clothing and its fusion with technology, biology and sustainability, the response was overwhelming.

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Developing high quality recycled materials offers price advantages, improves material efficiency and opens up opportunities for collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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S is for Safety at Santiago

Leapfrogging OHS practices is one of the greatest benefits the Group can bring to employees, their families and local communities when taking on new factories in emerging markets.

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A game-changing vacuum cleaner

In the past, better dust pick-up meant higher power use and lower efficiency. But Electrolux UltraOne Quattro turned history on its head by offering ‘A’ grade performance as well as lower energy use.

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Raising the bar in Egypt

As part of its commitment to long-term and proactive relationships with suppliers, Electrolux organized an interactive training session in Egypt to clarify requirements under the updated Code of Conduct.

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