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Talent and teamship

Outstanding teams and talents play a crucial role in Electrolux achieving the Group’s vision and targets. Teamship is the Electrolux way of working to build 
high-performing teams that create continuous improvement and drive learning in a large, global and multicultural company.


Europe, 38%
North America, 18%
Australia, New Zealandand Japan, 2%
Africa and Middle East, 6%
Latin America, 29%
Southeast Asia and China, 7%
Europe, 38% 38
North America, 18% 18
Australia, New Zealand
and Japan, 2%
Africa and Middle East, 6% 6
Latin America, 29% 29
Southeast Asia and China, 7% 7



Electrolux offers opportunities to pursue a career in a global multicultural company with a strong focus on innovation, quality, design and sustainability. The founder Axel Wenner-Gren’s success was built on proximity to customers and the ability to identify new business opportunities. The spirit of innovation that began with Wenner-Gren still characterizes the company today and forms in combination with a strong set of common values and ways of working, the core of the Group’s operations.


Electrolux strives to become a high performing learning organization with the right people in the right jobs. The Group places substantial focus on talent management to attract, recruit, develop and retain excellent talents with diverse backgrounds. With clear targets and coaching on performance, employees are encouraged to contribute to the Group’s success. Providing growth and learning opportunities ensures the competencies needed to reach Group goals as well as personal ambitions. 


Employees who work together as a team are fundamental for Electrolux to launch new, innovative products, meet operational excellence and grow profitable. Teamship is the Electrolux way of working to become a high-performing learning organization. Teamship means an efficient way of working through aligned goals, collaboration, transparency and engagement. During 2016, interactive Teamship workshops were run with employees from different functions with 93% participation, creating awareness around Teamship and leveraging the power of working as ONE Electrolux.


Great and trusted leaders with a focus on both people and business results play a decisive role in the successful execution of the strategy. To ensure good internal access to future leaders, a structured process is applied to identify and develop employees for their next career move.

Electrolux employee engagement survey, EES, regarding leadership development showed an excellent performance across the globe and a consistent improvement of the leadership index, which has increased from 75% three years ago to 81% in 2016.

A global training program, Connecting for Performance, was run 2015/2016 to support all managers in translating the overall group strategy to team strategy priorities while engaging teams in execution. For senior leaders Electrolux offers a Leadership program building the execution and leadership capabilities needed to successfully implement the strategy in a sustainable way.


Electrolux evaluates and develops the engagement of ­people through the EES. It is an important tool for leaders to a assess engagement, leadership, organizational capabilities and commitment to strategy and purpose. The survey allows for external comparison with other high-performing learning organizations. This year, 93% of employees took part in the survey compared with 87% in 2015. 

The results of the survey are used to develop and improve how business operations are managed. It is primarily run through action plans set up in cooperation between Electrolux leaders and employees.

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The Electrolux Awards Day

The Electrolux Awards enable Electrolux to highlight and reward outstanding performances from employees who drive changes and achieve extraordinary results in line with the Group’s strategy and goals. A number of finalists across Electrolux operations around the world are selected in each category and given the opportunity to participate in The Electrolux Awards Day in Stockholm — a gala prize ceremony 
in which the winners formally receive their awards.


Consumer Care Award, Design Award, EMS Best Practice Award, 
Invention Award, Leadership Award, Marketing Excellence Award, 
Product Award, Purchasing Award, Sales Award, 
Sustainability Award, Quality Award

Electrolux presents an annual Supplier Award 
at a separate event.