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Our values

The Group’s employees are guided by a strong corporate culture and a common set of core values: Passion for Innovation, Customer Obsession and Drive for Results.


Passion for Innovation

Customer Obsession

Drive for Results

We strive for a visible, measurable benefit from everything we do. Working hard is significant — it also means doing the right things. We focus on the essentials and always aim for direct, simple, informal and lean ways of working.

Innovation is key to our success. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and new ways to go forward. We are always open to better ways of doing things. We are not afraid of taking risks. An innovation may be anything new that is of value to the customer.

The wants, wishes and views of our customers guide our every action. We are interested in our customers and continuously aim to learn more about them and their needs. We keep our promises to our customers, and we capture insights about and anticipate our customers’ future needs. We strive to create added value for customers in all aspects of our work, ultimately aiming to deliver the best customer experience.


Ethics and

Safety and Environment

Respect and Diversity

  • We are transparent, honest and fair in all relations, both internally and externally.
  • We challenge the behavior and values of others — when their actions conflict with our code of business ethics.
  • We pursue and promote actions that contribute to a safe and ­sustainable environment.
  • We are willing to compromise short-term results at individual units to achieve sustainable Group results. 
  • We are a team with diverse disciplines, functions, cultures and organizations.
  • We promptly address any ­conflict or situation that may involve disrespectful behavior.
  • We treat all individuals with kindness and fairness. 

Our culture

Electrolux aims to drive a culture enabling the right behaviors for a high performing and learning organization. The Group’s values and foundation govern all of us in everything we do and, perhaps most importantly, how we engage with each other and our surroundings. The components of our foundation can be applied to a variety of areas, from our relationships with colleagues to the manner in which Electrolux conducts business in its various markets.

Ethics, integrity and human rights

Wherever Electrolux operates in the world, the company applies the same high standards and principles of conduct. Respect, diversity, integrity, ethics, safety and environment — the elements that make up the Electrolux foundation — are taken into account when employees meet customers and colleagues around the globe.

Electrolux continued to intensify its efforts regarding human rights during the year. A wide range of key people and decision makers was identified to highlight the most important risks within human rights and a governance framework for continued efforts in this area was established. Training programs in the Code of Conduct continued and at year-end, almost 3,000 additional employees had taken part in the training.

Electrolux has a global Ethics Program, encompassing both ethics training and a whistleblowing system — the Electrolux Ethics Helpline. Through the Ethics Helpline, employees can report suspected misconduct in local languages. Reports may be submitted anonymously if legally permitted. The majority of the reported cases during 2016 related to discrimination and harassment.

Health and safety

In 2016, implementation of the global health and safety management system continued, which aims to promote an even stronger safety culture. During the year, the total incident rate in the company (TCIR) decreased to 0.6. Approximately 72% of plants achieved a level of less than 1.0. Since 2012, the incident rate has declined by 49%. The Group aims to reduce the incident rate to less than 0,5% in 2020.

  12 13 14 15 16
Incident rate 1.1 1 0.94 0.92 0.6

1) per 200,000 working hours. 



The focus of Electrolux is to invest in innovations that are most relevant for creating the best consumer experience to make great tasting food, the best care for clothes and to increased well-being in the home.