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Parent Company income statement

Income statement

SEKm Note 2016 2015
Net sales   33,954 33,179
Cost of goods sold   –27,939 –28,005
Gross operating income   6,015 5,174
Selling expenses   –3,763 –3,855
Administrative expenses   –1,711 –1,789
Other operating income 5
Other operating expenses 6 –2,379 –519
Operating income   –1,838 –989
Financial income 9 4,037 3,830
Financial expenses 9 –86 –702
Financial items, net   3,951 3,128
Income after financial items   2,113 2,139
Appropriations 21 3,298 156
Income before taxes   5,411 2,295
Taxes 10 –1,027 103
Income for the period   4,384 2,398


Total comprehensive income for the period

SEKm 2016 2015
Income for the period 4,384 2,398
Other comprehensive income    
Available for sale instruments 42 –39
Exchange rate differences 41 –37
Cash flow hedges 5 3
Income tax relating to other comprehensive income –1 –1
Other comprehensive income, net of tax 87 –74
Total comprehensive income for the period 4,471 2,324

The Parent Company comprises the functions of the Group’s head office, as well as five companies operating on a commission basis for AB Electrolux.

Net sales for the Parent Company, AB Electrolux, for the full year 2016 amounted to SEK 33,954m (33,179) of which SEK 27,545m (26,775) referred to sales to Group companies and SEK 6,409m (6,404) to external customers. Income after financial items was SEK 2,113m (2,139), including dividends from subsidiaries in the amount of SEK 3,511m (3,346). Income for the period amounted to SEK 4,384m (2,398).

Income tax related to group contributions is reported in the income statement. Income tax related to cash flow hedges is reported in other comprehensive income.

Capital expenditure in tangible and intangible assets was SEK 427m (471). Liquid funds at the end of the period amounted to SEK 9,167m, as against SEK 7,346m at the start of the year.

Undistributed earnings in the Parent Company at the end of the period amounted to SEK 15,582m, as against SEK 13,176m at the start of the year. Dividend payment to shareholders for 2015 amounted to SEK 1,868m.

For information on the number of employees, salaries and remuneration, see Note 27. For information on shareholdings and participations, see Note 29.