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Risk assessment

Risk assessment includes identifying risks of not fulfilling the fundamental criteria, i.e., completeness, accuracy, valuation and reporting for significant accounts in the financial reporting for the Group as well as risk of loss or misappropriation of assets.

At the beginning of each calendar year, the ECS Program Office performs a global risk assessment to determine the reporting units, data centers and processes in scope for the ECS activities. Within the Electrolux Group, a number of different processes generating transactions that end up in significant accounts in the financial reporting have been identified. All larger reporting units perform the ECS activities. These larger units cover approximately 81% of the net sales and 69% of the net assets of the Group.

The ECS has been rolled out to almost all of the smaller units within the Group. The scope for smaller units is limited in terms of monitoring as management is not formally required to test the controls.

Risk assessment – Example