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Remuneration Committee

Committees of the Board

The Board has established a Remuneration Committee and an Audit Committee. The major tasks of these committees are preparatory and advisory, but the Board may delegate decision-making powers on specific issues to the committees. The issues considered at committee meetings shall be recorded in minutes of the meetings and reported at the following Board meeting. The members and Chairmen of the Committees are appointed at the statutory Board meeting following election of Board members.

The Board has also determined that issues may be referred to ad hoc committees dealing with specific matters.

Remuneration Committee

One of the Remuneration Committee’s primary tasks is to propose guidelines for the remuneration to the members of Group Management. The Committee also proposes changes in remuneration to the President, for resolution by the Board, and reviews and resolves on changes in remuneration to other members of Group Management on proposal by the President.

The Committee is comprised of three Board members: Petra Hedengran (Chairman), Ronnie Leten and Ulrika Saxon. At least two meetings are convened annually. Additional meetings are held as needed.

In 2016, the Remuneration Committee held four meetings. The attendance of each Board member at these meetings is shown in the table on page 152. Significant issues addressed include preparation of a proposal for the remuneration to the new ­President and CEO, resolution on ­remuneration to new members of Group Management, review and resolution on changes in the remuneration to members of Group ­Management, follow-up and evaluation of previously approved long-term incentive programs and remuneration guidelines for Group Management and general review and preparation of long-term incentive program and remuneration guidelines for Group Management for 2017. The Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development participated in the meetings and was responsible for meeting preparations.

The Remuneration Committee’s tasks include for example:

  • To prepare and evaluate remuneration guidelines for Group Management.
  • To prepare and evaluate targets and principles for variable compensation.
  • To prepare terms for pensions, notices of termination and severance pay as well as other benefits for Group Management.
  • To prepare and evaluate Electrolux long-term incentive programs.