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Electrolux offers several different RSS feeds you can subscribe to. The RSS feeds are listed first and below are information about RSS and how to use it.

Press releases, financial information and news

  • Press releases (Corporate / financial disclosure)
  • Financial reports (Interim reports, Annual Reports and CEO comments on interim reports)
  • Latest News (News about design, consumer insight, trends in homes etc)

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) makes it possible for you to get a quick update from web sites you are interested in. Via your RSS-reader you can subscribe to content from a web site. You will get the content as soon as it has been published, without visiting the actual web site.

How to subscribe to RSS feeds?

There are two versions of RSS readers, web based and program based. If you use a web based reader, your subscriptions are available from any computer connected to the internet. Today most browsers have integrated readers.

To start subscribing, copy the chosen URL and paste it into the reader or just click on the orange RSS icon and follow the instructions. The subscription starts immediately. The readers are automatically controlling the feeds and presents the new updates.

Topics and categories
More subscribe and follow options

Here you can subscribe to press releases, news and financial reports.

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Electrolux is present in several different social media networks. Below are some examples where you can connect, follow and have a conversation with Electrolux.

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Here you can follow Electrolux Group on Twitter and Slideshare.

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Here you can order annual reports from Electrolux. Before ordering, you may download pdf versions.

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