Strengthening the Electrolux sustainability offering

Highlights: Impact of ‘Make it Last’ laundry campaign

  • +2.5 pts value market share in key market Poland and +0.3 pts in Europe (Q2 2021 vs Q2 2019)
  • Increase in consumer star rating in Europe, to 4.76 from 4.59 (Dec 2021 vs Dec 2020)
  • Savings of >27kg of CO2 equivalent per household

In 2020, the Electrolux brand proposition continued to be sharpened through the rollout of the ‘Make it Last’ campaign, highlighting the company’s sustainable laundry innovations.

Inspiring better living

Electrolux has high sustainability ambitions, aiming to achieve a climate neutral value chain by 2050. With approximately 85% of the life cycle carbon footprint coming from the electricity consumed during the product use phase, the focus is on increasing energy efficiency and supporting consumers to live more sustainably at home.
Electrolux identified an opportunity to create a strong, sustainability focused laundry campaign campaign built on product innovations and deep consumer insights.

Sustainable innovations drive profitable growth

With around two thirds of global consumers willing to pay more for sustainable products1, strengthening the perception of Electrolux as a sustainability leader offers a key competitive advantage.
‘Make it Last’ highlights sustainable Electrolux laundry innovations. The aim is to increase awareness of more sustainable ways of washing and promote better garment care behavior, while connecting seamlessly to product benefits and features including AutoDose, which delivers the perfect amount of detergent, and UltraWash, a low-temperature program that cleans thoroughly while using 30% less energy2. Using a program like this to reduce washing temperatures by just 10°C can help to drastically reduce CO2 equivalent emissions, with potential savings of over 27kg per household 3. The new laundry drum, enabled through an investment in Porcia, Italy, is both gentler on fabrics and more energy efficient.
Products with enhanced consumer benefits command a higher price and drive margin expansion. Since the launch of the campaign in 2020, the consumer star rating for premium laundry in Europe has improved from 4.59 to 4.76.

Supporting sustainable laundry habits

Through developing sustainable product features, Electrolux makes it easy and intuitive for consumers to shift to more sustainable laundry habits. To support these efforts to shape living for the better, Electrolux has initiated several activities. One is the launch of an Electrolux laundry app in several key markets that has developed an ongoing dialogue with consumers, encouraging more efficient usage of Electrolux products through emphasizing energy and resource-saving features, such as UltraWash, that help users make their clothes last longer
Electrolux has also joined forces with a young Team of Change-Makers, inviting eight bright young minds from across the world to join creative sessions led by the Electrolux Innovation Hub to explore solutions for better living, starting with the future of clothes and garment care. This initiative will ensure future innovation and development in laundry aligns with the wants and needs of the future generation.

Modularized and scalable for greater impact

With its globally relevant message, ‘Make it Last’ is the first Electrolux campaign to be created using a modularized working method. The message platform, developed through close collaboration between the business areas, was built to be customizable, enabling each market to add unique features without changing the core structure of the campaign. This has sped up and reduced cost in the development process and increased flexibility through offering scalability for local media formats.
‘Make it Last’ first rolled out in Europe in Q3 2020, followed by a smaller-scale launch in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region in Q4 2020. In 2021, the campaign started to roll out in North America, with these activities to be ramped up in 2022.

Building brand resilience

Strong brands grow faster, are more profitable and more resilient during crisis4. ‘Make it Last’ resonated strongly with consumers across the initial regions and has played an important role in strengthening key brand attributes for Electrolux. In 2021, the campaign contributed to business area Europe’s value market share in premium laundry of 14%. The campaign also contributed to Electrolux’s value market share in Poland reaching an all-time high, climbing to 22% in 2021.

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