Reimagining the kitchen for more sustainable eating

In 2022, Electrolux Group introduced GRO – a concept aimed at reinventing the kitchen by inspiring new products and solutions that enable people to enjoy food in a more sustainable way, for both their health and the planet.

Food is essential for maintaining our health, but it has a huge impact on our ecosystems around the world.

“GRO is a future concept that helps to inspire new products – today,” explains Nick Sakellariou, Senior Innovation Lead. “It helps to reimagine solutions and drive product innovation for more sustainable eating. ‘Gro’ means ‘to sprout’ in Swedish.”

The concept contributes toward this ambition by developing modular solutions that are powered by advanced sensors and Artificial Intelligence and based on behavioral science.

“GRO is about exploring how our products can contribute to more healthy and sustainable eating by considering their entire lifespan, their positive impact during the use phase as well as how we inspire better food choices,” says Sakellariou.

Driving innovation in the greener kitchen

Research shows that up to 60% of people throw away food at least once a week. The main reason is food passing the before due date, but food waste also occurs due to fresh food going off too quickly.

Electrolux Group is constantly innovating to develop new products that inspire more sustainable eating habits. For example, steam ovens that retain up to 90% of vitamin C in broccoli compared with boiling.

Electrolux Group – under its AEG brand – also launched its new range of food waste-saving fridges and freezers. This included the 7000 GreenZone/GreenZone+, a unique fridge with up to 70% recycled plastic in its inner liner walls featuring a crisper drawer that maintains the ideal humidity to preserve vitamins in vegetables for longer.

Electrolux Group, under its Frigidaire brand in North America, launched the SXS refrigerator in 2022. The product was awarded the #1 spot on for its high energy efficiency.

Induction technology, which allows more efficient surface cooking, was introduced in more ranges in Asia Pacific to promote the shift to more sustainable cooking.

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