Making it easy for our employees to do the right thing

A new Code of Conduct campaign was launched in 2022 to nurture the company culture of respecting people and all basic human rights.

The Electrolux Group Code of Conduct was promoted during the year through an internal “Together Campaign” aimed at encouraging employees to act in accordance with the code. The campaign aimed to create a culture that employees can be proud of and included e-learnings, town hall meetings and group exercises such as discussing theoretical dilemmas to raise awareness of important topics.

“There is a strong sense among our colleagues that Electrolux Group is a good and ethical company,” says Malin Ekefalk, Director of Social Responsibility and Community Investment. “We work constantly to uphold our ethical standards through communication, training and various follow-ups.”

“It’s about creating a company that each of us is proud to work for – where everything we do is guided by ethics and respect for each other,” says Monica Leinstedt, VP Labor Relations Ethics & Wellbeing. “Acting according to our Code of Conduct is everyone’s responsibility to create a speak-up culture and an inclusive environment.”

The Employee Voice employee survey in 2022 indicated a high level of Code of Conduct awareness among Electrolux Group employees. They rated their understanding of what the Code of Conduct means for them at 88 (average score on a scale of 1-100).

During 2022, face-to-face training sessions were conducted for employees who are most likely to face anti-trust risks, such as those in sales and other employees with customer relations. Specific in-depth trainings were also conducted with local leadership teams in some countries. 

Instilling an ethical culture

Everyone wants to work for a company that stands up for people and does the right thing – even if it means doing so in a situation that might be uncomfortable or where doing the right thing is not the easy option. One of the company’s foundations for doing the right thing is its respect for human rights and being aligned with all the key international conventions and the UN Global Compact.

A sense of being a company with high ethical standards among employees leads to a culture where people act accordingly. “It’s a kind of virtuous circle: if we believe that we work in a company with high ethical standards then we feel encouraged to act accordingly. And because we act accordingly, we create a more ethical company,” says Leinstedt.

“But this is an ongoing process, and we can’t be complacent,” says Ekefalk. “When it comes to respect for people, we need to continue our efforts to foster a culture where behavior towards others that falls short of our standards is dealt with.”

An example is how the Group introduces newly acquired businesses step-by-step to its values and standards for how to treat colleagues. The company also stresses the value of the diversity of additional cultures and nationalities that these new members bring.

“I feel proud to work for a company that has respect for people at the heart of its culture. I think that’s what respect for people is really all about – continuously nurturing a culture that everyone can be proud to be a part of,” says Leinstedt.

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