Make healthy and sustainable eating the preferred choice

By influencing how our products are used, we can reduce food waste, promote resource efficient food choices and nutrition, as well as enhance sustainable eating experiences.

Our Goal

We will promote healthy and sustainable eating by helping consumers reduce food waste, adopt more plant-based eating, minimize nutrition loss in cooking, and enhance healthy and sustainable eating experiences. 

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Roadmap 2021 to 2030

  • Launch enhanced food preservation solutions that help reduce food waste and ensure food quality.
  • Provide consumers with functionalities that help them make more efficient use of food resources during cooking.
  • Launch solutions that help to enhance the experience of eating sustainably and inspire better eating habits through providing practical support and advice.
  • Partner with food experts on food and food waste to advance knowledge and inspire people around the world.
  • Support the Electrolux Food Foundation’s targets – including educating 300,000 people on sustainable eating by 2030. 

The case for action

The food sector currently consumes around a third of global energy consumption and around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced from animal agriculture. At the same time, up to 30% of all food produced is wasted and hunger remains a challenge with more than one in nine people in the world not having access to enough food. 

According to our consumer research summarized in the 2021 Change Makers Report, 50% of young people minimize their food waste and 30% actively reduce their meat consumption. This highlights a growing consumer demand for help with changing attitudes for more sustainable eating and plant-based diets. 

In our research from the 2019 Better Living Report, one third of consumers said they throw away food because it goes bad too quickly or passes its best before date. This highlights the need to help people find better ways of storing and preparing food, as well as changing their relationship with food. 

Our approach

Our aim is to make healthy and sustainable eating desirable, accessible and easier. We will continue to develop preservation and cooking solutions that decrease nutrition loss, and we will join forces with global culinary experts that can further our mission to inspire more sustainable eating. 

In 2021, we added the “healthy” aspect to this Goal in response to our consumer insight and product offering. Additionally, we realized that healthier and more sustainable food habits often go hand in hand. Electrolux products can help consumers to eat healthier and more sustainably. This includes nudging consumers to try healthier diets and cooking techniques that help preserve nutrients, as well as reducing food waste. By adopting more plant-based diets and avoiding overeating, for example, we can improve our own health while reducing the burden on the planet and global food system.

Eliminate food waste in every way we can

At Electrolux, we can drive real change in homes when it comes to food waste. We focus on developing smart and more efficient solutions for storing, preparing and preserving food. We also share practical knowledge on how consumers can reduce food waste in their own kitchens by showing ways to best store food and to make use of ingredients and leftovers. Through partnerships with organizations passionate about food waste, we increase awareness and impact. 

Improved experiences for sustainable eating

We aim to promote plant-based eating and enriched taste experiences through connected kitchen and intuitive user interfaces that help consumers discover new meals and cooking methods. We will take this even further by partnering with chefs and experts.

The Electrolux Food Foundation

Since 2016, the Electrolux Food Foundation has worked together with AIESEC and Worldchefs to inspire sustainable eating and cooking, and support people in need in local communities. Its purpose is to inspire sustainable eating and cooking habits among consumers, and to support people in need through education and emergency relief efforts. 

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  • Changing the well-established cooking and eating habits of consumers. 
  • Although we have a presence in many markets, we lack the reach in some geographies to help those in need.