History 1960-1969


ElektroHelios is acquired for SEK 36 million. This company, which was set up in 1919, has 2,500 employees. The merger gives Electrolux new and important production units in Mariestad (compressor refrigerators) and Alingsås (food service equipment), among other things. Through the purchase, Electrolux acquires an extremely important product group: cookers. The capacity of the central laboratory at Lilla Essingen is almost doubled.

Electrolux new vacuum cleaner Luxomatic 1964


Luxomatic is the first of a new generation of vacuum cleaners with features such as a cord winder, self-sealing paper dust bags and a dust indicator that shows when the bag is full. It also becomes a symbol of the strength – and economic strength in particular – of the Electrolux Group and its vacuum cleaner division.


The Group’s turnover passes the billion kronor mark. The long economic boom continues for the remainder of the year. A decision is made to build a cooker plant in Motala. The sale of absorption refrigerators rockets.


Hans Werthén becomes president. The restructuring of the divided Western European white-goods industry begins.

Electrolux takes the initiative on changes in Scandinavia. The company purchases Norwegian Elektra (cookers), Danish Atlas (refrigerators) followed by Finnish Slev (cookers, sauna units). Vacuum cleaner production moves from Stockholm to Västervik.


The minority interest (39%) in Electrolux Corp., USA, is sold to Consolidated Food for almost SEK 300 million. This deal gives Electrolux the key to future expansion.

Cooker production in Sweden is concentrated in Motala and refrigerator production in Mariestad. The lawn mower company, Flymo, with a base in both Sweden and England, is purchased as well as 50% of the cleaning company ASAB.

The Group’s head office is moved from the inner city of Stockholm to the factory premises at Lilla Essingen.


Electrolux’s first subsidiary in the USA, Domestic Sales Corp (absorption refrigerators) is set up. Subsidiaries are established in Hong Kong to sell the Group products in the Far East.

A large scale face lift takes place for the Electrolux range. The environment begins to occupy a central position in public debates.

Luxomatic with features such as a cord winder and a dust indicator that shows when the bag is full

Luxomatic with features such as a cord winder and a dust indicator that shows when the bag is full

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