Electrolux Group launches refurbished product subscription service for Swedish consumers

According to statistics about worldwide electronic waste,* every Swede generates 20 kg of electronic waste annually. With the launch of AtEase, Electrolux Group’s new product subscription-based service for Sweden, consumers can make more sustainable choices for the home.

AtEase is part of Electrolux Group’s ambition to reduce electronic waste and contribute to the circular economy, with Swedish consumers having the option to subscribe to a new product or a refurbished one.

AtEase is an all-inclusive service that covers everything needed to keep the appliance running smoothly, including proactive maintenance, automatic shipments of accessories, and support (the appliance is replaced within three days if a fault occurs during the subscription). Crucially, every product returned to Electrolux Group is refurbished for reuse or gives life to new appliances by donating its parts.

“If the product is too damaged or worn to be refurbished, we can reuse parts such as circuit boards, rubber bumpers, or casings to extend the life of other products. In fact, 75% of the parts we use in the refurbishment of a robot vacuum cleaner have been harvested from an end-of-life product,” says James Ostridge, Product as a Service Director. 

The products currently offered through AtEase include the Pure i9 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Well A7 Air Purifier and Pure A9 Air Purifier. Further floor and air care products will be introduced later this year, and more products, including kitchen and garment care, will be added to the service over time. The launch of AtEase is a natural step following a successful pilot launched in 2019 to offer Swedish consumers the Pure i9 on a subscription pay-per-use basis.  AtEase will also be introduced to further markets beyond Sweden in the coming years.

Since July 2022, Electrolux Group has also offered landlords in Sweden a similar program of appliances-as-a-service for installations, maintenance and repair of appliances, prolonging the product life span and reducing electronic waste.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, the company launched a similar direct to consumer subscription model last year that offers the rental, set up, repair and recycling of products.

To learn more about AtEase, visit here.

All are examples of Electrolux Group’s sustainability goals and commitment to circular economy products and services.

* Sweden – 2019 – E-waste statistics (globalewaste.org)