Driving expansion across Africa and the Middle East



  • 4.89 in consumer star rating
  • Increased heating efficiency – ~30% more hot water available at the same capacity
  • Up to 27% in increased energy efficiency

As a leading player, Electrolux further strengthens its offering for water heaters in Egypt and expands its reach throughout the Middle East and Africa in this key product category. This includes redesigning the user experience to maximize comfort, safety and hygiene, expanding the product ranges, while also improving the sustainability of both manufacturing and products.

Emerging markets represent a consumer base of over six billion people and offer the potential for significant growth. Resource efficient products are essential for capturing this opportunity and growing sales in these markets, which cover water and energy-scarce regions. This resource efficiency leads to cost savings for the end user.

High consumer star ratings

Egypt is a key market in the Africa and Middle East region for Electrolux and accounted for about 40% of the Group’s sales in this region in 2021. Electrolux manufactures a wide range of water heaters in Egypt to suit a variety of markets in Africa and the Middle East. In 2022 new water heaters were launched which have been well received by Egyptian consumers, with a star rating of 4.89. The launch will continue in more countries such as Morocco and Libya until 2023.

The current manufacturing set up in the Cairo factory further support sustainable product innovations and lowers CO2 emissions through modernized production including increased automation. The importance of branding and effective marketing

Improving the sustainable user experience

Product developments that improve the user experience has been key, with a particular focus on comfort, safety, and hygiene. Heating efficiency has increased, making almost 30% more hot water available at the same capacity compared to the current platform. A turbo heating function allows the heating time of the water to be halved if necessary. New electronic controls prevent the risk of burns or overpressure and avoid the bacteria proliferation through periodic thermal disinfection, for a safer user experience.

By introducing a new material for enhanced heater insulation, heat loss has been reduced by around 15%, making these products both more energy efficient and cost effective for users. Furthermore, the smart algorithms implemented in premium series, learn from user behavior to heat the water to just the right temperature when required, Electrolux estimates this translates into an additional energy savings of around 12%.