Case study: Shared values and integrity

Electrolux is a leader within the industry thanks to the commitment, drive and creativity of every employee. Together, they have built a company founded on trusting and respectful relationships – with one another, with business partners and most importantly with consumers. This is a position Electrolux intends to keep.

With a staff of some 50,000 and operations in 50 countries, it is vital that high ethical standards are applied wherever Electrolux operates in the world, and are understood by all its employees. The newly launched Ethics at Electrolux program is designed to inform employees of the company’s expectations for personal and corporate ethical accountability.

The Electrolux Group Code of Ethics provides an overview of expected conduct, and is supported by several additional policies and guidelines such as the Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy. Translating these policies into action and practices, the ethics program features a guidance booklet, an internal web portal with additional policy information and a mandatory training module.

Translated into 12 languages, Ethics at Electrolux takes readers through a range of issues, for example bribery and corruption, anti-trust and discrimination, and political involvement, and builds dilemma scenarios for each. The booklet unpacks the issue and gives basic guidance about what to do and where to go for more information. If employees encounter a situation involving potential ethical misconduct, they are asked to report it to their direct manager, or another more appropriate manager.

If employees are not comfortable with either option, they are encouraged to use the Ethics Helpline, operated by a third party, that is both anonymous and confidential. The program will be rolled out Group-wide to all blue- and white-collar workers throughout 2011 and 2012.

For more information on the Group’s 2010 sustainability performance, visit the extended on-line GRI report.