Business Model for Outstanding Branded Lifetime Consumer Experiences

To achieve our purpose of Shape Living for the Better and drive profitable growth, Electrolux Group uses a business model which focuses on creating outstanding branded lifetime consumer experiences.

By creating desirable solutions and great experiences that enrich peoples’ daily lives and the health of the planet, we want to be a driving force in defining enjoyable and sustainable living.

Focus is to invest in innovations that are most relevant for creating outstanding branded lifetime consumer experiences within great tasting food, the best care for clothes and to increase wellbeing in the home.

Outstanding branded lifetime consumer experiences

We put consumers at the heart of its ambition to win in the marketplace and delivering outstanding branded lifetime consumer experiences. To achieve that we have three missions:

Consumer Experience Innovation & Product Excellence means that we focus on a steady stream of sustainable consumer-relevant innovations in our key experience areas: enabling great-tasting food, great care for your clothes and healthy wellbeing in your home.

Commercial Growth & Consumer Journey Excellence focuses on being with the consumer throughout their lifetime consumer journey – from discovering our brands and exploring our products to purchasing, repairing, and replacing them. We give consumers a great lifetime ownership experience through a smart, connected home ecosystem that is focused on peace of mind, responsiveness, inspiration and perfect results.

Operational excellence is a prerequisite for sustainable profitable growth. Electrolux Group is leveraging its global strength and scale to continuously increase efficiency and lower the cost base. This is about integrating our value chain, designing for assembly, improved integration with our supplier base, and working on cost excellence and product re-engineering.

Our manufacturing focus is on efficiency and quality through modularization, automation and digital manufacturing. Increasingly, we focus also on creating a digitally integrated supply chain in order to provide outstanding service levels with short lead times. All of this is done with an absolute commitment to quality.


Our three missions are supported by the accelerators, which are key enablers to fulfill the missions.

With Consumer Direct Interaction we focus our efforts to make it easy for consumers to interact with us at every stage of their purchase and ownership.

This is also a key enabler to reach the over one billion people who are expected to enter the middle-class economy in the coming years. To capture this Emerging Markets Growth we accelerate development of both our value proposition and product offer establishing a clear position in these markets focused on urban mass-premium consumers.

With our global presence and integrated way of working we can reach the Speed to Scale needed to offer innovative solutions to consumers in a wide range of geographies. This is supported by Continuous Improvement – a culture of constantly doing things better, at a lower cost and higher value, by using clear processes and targets.

Sustainability leadership is crucial to realizing the Electrolux Group purpose, and to deliver outstanding consumer experiences. The Group’s sustainability priorities target nine main areas that combined contribute to: Better Company, Better Solutions and Better Living.

To achieve all this we focus on developing our people through the fundamental accelerator: Talent & Teamship. For us dedicated employees with diverse backgrounds play a crucial role in creating the innovative corporate culture necessary for us to develop outstanding consumer experiences and reach our targets.

Teamship is our way of working. It’s about making sure we have aligned goals that allow us to collaborate effectively, make clear choices and continuously improve our execution. It’s about roles and responsibilities in the organization, embracing team diversity and taking in learning opportunities.

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