Why Electrolux

Why Electrolux

“When you take charge of your own career path, we strive to enhance your development, help you progress and provide you with good leaders… all while rewarding you fairly and recognizing the excellence in your work.” Lars Worsøe Petersen, SVP Human Resources and Organizational Development

“The Electrolux spirit is a combination of enthusiasm, loyalty, aggressiveness and belief which is inspired by confidence in our organization and product, and faith in our success and our future.” Axel Wenner-Gren, Founder.

Products that touch people’s lives

At Electrolux you are part of a global brand that is a recognized leader in home appliances. You have a hand in creating products that influence and improve the everyday lives of people around the world. To develop these products, Electrolux is not only focused on customers, but obsessively focused. The customer is at the center of everything we do.

Leave your footprint

It is a place where the entrepreneurial spirit lives on. You can effect change through enthusiasm and personal initiative. You have the power to influence and define your own future.

Embrace Thoughtfulness

At Electrolux, our Swedish heritage is reflected in our concern for the environment, respect for each individual and easy access to management. We believe in a flat organizational style- inclusion and care are cornerstones to our culture.

Global Strength

Your career can take any shape- possibilities are limitless. Our company spans across the world and covers a range of functions, everything from R&D to after sales. We encourage diversity because it feeds into the development of fresh ideas. And innovation is at the heart of Electrolux- it is our passion!

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Respect and Diversity, Ethics and Integrity, and Safety and Sustainability form the foundation of the Electrolux corporate culture.

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Working with Electrolux gives people an opportunity to shape their career in a global environment.

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Although the important skills and qualifications differ according to each position, there are some traits which are essential for a successful career at Electrolux.

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