What we offer

What we offer

Working with Electrolux gives people an opportunity to shape their career in a global environment.

Be on a winning team

As a world force in powered appliances for kitchen and cleaning, when you work at Electrolux you carry the pride of being part of a company that has, for almost a century, created products that have improved the everyday lives of people. The Electrolux brand has a global position based on leadership in quality, innovation and design. In fact, each year our employees across the globe make sure that some 50 million consumers in more than 150 countries choose our products, such as cookers and cooktops, ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, air- conditioners and vacuum cleaners. That translates to two products bought from us every second, every day of the year.

A home for entrepreneurs

Electrolux is a large company, but every employee has a strong impact. All employees are empowered to make tough decisions, implement new ideas and use their initiative. Individuals with the courage to be heard, seize opportunities and take risks find their place here.

Equality and care

Electrolux acts according to ethical principles and strong values. Respect and diversity, ethics and integrity, safety and sustainability are important elements of our corporate culture. They are the foundation. They govern everything we do and, most importantly, how we treat each other. We actively foster diversity and inclusion. We care about the environment and are a leader in this area- constantly striving for a better future.

Mobility – a part of career development

Electrolux encourages employees to seek challenges across organizational boundaries. As a major international company, we believe moving among sectors, functions and regions is an important part of a person’s career development. We have developed an internal system offering global access to all job openings within the company, so that our employees can actively manage their careers by seeking out new opportunities.

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Respect and Diversity, Ethics and Integrity, and Safety and Sustainability form the foundation of the Electrolux corporate culture.

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"When you take charge of your own career path, we strive to enhance your development, help you progress and provide you with good leaders… all while rewarding you fairly and recognizing the excellence in...

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Although the important skills and qualifications differ according to each position, there are some traits which are essential for a successful career at Electrolux.

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