Talent and teamship

Talent and teamship

Outstanding teams and talents play a crucial role in Electrolux achieving the Group’s vision and targets. Teamship is the Electrolux way of working to build high-performing teams that create continuous improvement and drive learning in a large, global and multicultural company.


Electrolux strives to become a high performing learning organization with the right people in the right jobs. The Group places substantial focus on talent management to attract, recruit, develop and retain excellent talents with diverse backgrounds. With clear targets and coaching on performance, employees are encouraged to contribute to the Group’s success. Providing growth and learning opportunities ensures the competencies needed to reach Group goals as well as personal ambitions.


Employees who work together as a team are fundamental for Electrolux to launch new, innovative products, meet operational excellence and grow profitable. Teamship is the Electrolux way of working to become a high-performing learning organization. Teamship means an efficient way of working through aligned goals, collaboration, transparency and engagement.


Great and trusted leaders with a focus on both people and business results play a decisive role in the successful execution of the strategy. To ensure good internal access to future leaders, a structured process is applied to identify and develop employees for their next career move. Electrolux employee engagement survey, EES, regarding leadership development showed an excellent performance across the globe and a consistent improvement of the leadership index, which has increased from 75% three years ago to 81% in 2016.

Our culture

Electrolux aims to drive a culture enabling the right behaviors for a high performing and learning organization. The Group’s values and foundation govern all of us in everything we do and, perhaps most importantly, how we engage with each other and our surroundings. The components of our foundation can be applied to a variety of areas, from our relationships with colleagues to the manner in which Electrolux conducts business in its various markets.

Ethics, integrity and human rights

Wherever Electrolux operates in the world, the company applies the same high standards and principles of conduct. Respect, diversity, integrity, ethics, safety and environment — the elements that make up the Electrolux foundation — are taken into account when employees meet customers and colleagues around the globe.

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