Sustainable governance

Electrolux strives to implement the highest standards and most effective processes to ensure that its operations create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders.

This includes maintaining an efficient and effective organizational structure, operating systems for internal control and risk management, and transparency in both internal and external financial reporting.

The Group is committed to continuous improvement of energy-efficiency, factory emissions, waste generation and handling of hazardous materials in manufacturing and other processes, and to design of products with high levels of environmental performance.

The Group strives to be an attractive employer, fulfilling its responsibility for providing safe and healthy workplaces, and guaranteeing fair treatment for all employees.

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Group Management includes the CEO, the six business area heads and five Group staff heads.

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Electrolux has a long tradition of providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to care for the environment as well as our own employees and people around us.

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The Electrolux Code of Ethics outlines both prescriptive and proscriptive ethical standards that require strict adherence from all employees and Board members of the Electrolux Group, in all markets and at all times.

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