The Responsible Sourcing Program

No matter where our suppliers are located, we expect compliance to the Electrolux Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy. In fact, both requirements are an integrated part of our purchasing policy.

With our supplier network increasingly global, sourcing responsibly to ensure products are manufactured with respect for the environment and each individual is vital. The Electrolux Responsible Sourcing Program helps us meet our customers’ expectations and reduce the risk of incidents that can affect reputation or interrupt operations.

Non-negotiable compliance to the Code of Conduct

Electrolux has some 3,700 suppliers and purchases from more cost-competitive countries are rising. Compliance with the Electrolux Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy is non-negotiable for all Electrolux suppliers. And monitoring our supply chain to ensure that they are living up to our expectations is a comprehensive endeavour.

Our Responsible Sourcing specialists support local and global purchasing organizations with advice, training, monitoring and audits. We aim to conduct some 400 supplier audits, using both internal and external resources as well as online and physical training sessions with suppliers every year.

Mapping our risks

Drawing on the work of Transparency International, Amnesty International and our own expertise, we annually map regions at risk of non-compliance and prioritize assessments for high- or medium-risk suppliers. We also prioritize particular commodities, like battery manufacture. Conducting more audits improves conditions, but better detection also reveals more cases of non-conformance. Being transparent about these findings is a cornerstone of our program.

Global presence

Through our own responsible sourcing team we have a local presence in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Benchmarking with external auditors further ensures credibility of the process.

Transparency on our findings

Our approach goes beyond effective auditing and monitoring. We aim to build transparent business relationships, facilitate communication, streamline information to our suppliers and improve working conditions. To achieve lasting change we follow-up, train and guide, so that our suppliers understand the value of high standards. This not only benefits their employees and the environment, but also the future of their business.

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