Remuneration Committee

One of the Remuneration Committee’s primary tasks is to propose guidelines for the remuneration to the members of Group Management.

The Committee also proposes changes in remuneration to the President, for resolution by the Board, and reviews and resolves on changes in remuneration to other members of Group Management on proposal by the President.

The Remuneration Committee’s tasks include:

  • To prepare and evaluate remuneration guidelines for Group Management.
  • To prepare and evaluate targets and principles for variable compensation.
  • To prepare terms for pensions, notices of termination and severance pay as well as other benefits for Group Management.
  • To prepare and evaluate Electrolux long-term incentive programs.

The Committee is comprised of three Board members: Petra Hedengran (Chairman), Lorna Davis and Ronnie Leten. At least two meetings are convened annually. Additional meetings are held as needed.

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