Prospectus Husqvarna

The Electrolux Annual General Meeting held on 24 April 2006 decided to distribute all shares in Husqvarna to the shareholders in Electrolux.

Prior to the Annual General Meeting a prospectus regarding distribution of shares in Husqvarna and the stock-exchange listing was made available on the Electrolux web site. A brochure with information on Husqvarna and the spin-off was sent to all shareholders.

The prospectus comprises three parts and should be read together (downloadable documents below).

Topics and categories
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The Group’s goal is for the dividend to correspond to at least 30% of income for the period.

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Electrolux Annual General Meeting 2008 decided that shareholders in Electrolux who hold A-shares from time to time shall be entitled to request conversion of their A-shares into B-shares.

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The information regarding tax consequences in Sweden following the redemption of Electrolux shares is provided by the Swedish Tax Authority.

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