Market development

The increasing pace of change in the global market for household appliances stems from a number of trends such as increased consumer power, digitalization, sustainability, consolidation and a growing middle class.

For simplification purposes, the global market for household appliances can be split into two parts. In the mature markets (Western Europe, North America, Japan and Australia/New Zealand), population growth is low and sales are dominated by replacement products. However, growth markets (Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and China) are characterized by rapidly rising living standards and a large number of new households being able to invest in appliances and other household products.

During 2016, demand for appliances increased in mature markets such as North America, Europe and Australia as well as in growth markets in Southeast Asia and China. Although demand continued to decrease in Latin America a general increase in global demand for appliances was noted.

Growth markets have increased their global share of demand. In 2016, the demand in growth markets represented about 70% of the total market volume compared with 50% in the year of 2000. Growth markets accounted for about 30% of Electrolux sales for the year, and the objective is to increase this share. For more information about market characteristics, see Markets in the Electrolux Annual Report 2016.

The graphs below show the market development for appliances in Europe and North America.

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