Management and company structure

Electrolux aims at implementing strict norms and efficient processes to ensure that all operations create long-term value for shareholders and other stakeholders. This involves the maintenance of an efficient organizational structure, systems for internal control and risk management and transparent internal and external reporting.

The Group has a decentralized corporate structure in which the overall management of operational activities is largely performed by the business area boards. Electrolux operations are organized into six business areas. Within Major Appliances, the business areas are geographically defined, while the business areas Professional Products and Small Appliances are global. There are seven group staff units that support all business areas: Finance, Legal Affairs, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Marketing and Branding, Technology and Product Development, Design and Communications.

There are a number of internal bodies which are forums that are preparatory and decision-making in their respective areas. Each body includes representatives from concerned functions and in most cases the President and CEO, see chart below.

In order to fully take advantage of the Group’s global presence and economies of scale, the Group has established a global organization within Major Appliances with the responsibility for product development, purchasing and manufacturing.

The Group also has a global Major Appliances Leadership Team (MALT) which includes the President, the CFO, the four Major Appliances business area heads, the Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Technology Officer and the heads of the Product Boards, Purchasing and Manufacturing, the General Counsel and the Head of Human Resources and Organizational Development. The MALT makes decisions and provides clarity on issues and opportunities relevant to the four major appliances businesses. Some decisions regarding cross-sector products and investments are prepared by Global Product Boards. The MALT has the authority to decide when matters amount up to SEK 100m.

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Group Management includes the CEO, the six business area heads and five Group staff heads.

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Electrolux has a long tradition of providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to care for the environment as well as our own employees and people around us.

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The Electrolux Code of Ethics outlines both prescriptive and proscriptive ethical standards that require strict adherence from all employees and Board members of the Electrolux Group, in all markets and at all times.

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