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In addition to its core business, the Electrolux Group is one of the world’s largest companies active in brand licensing, promoting the Group’s more than 50 brands. Whether you are looking for a brand with an American heritage, a brand with a French flair or a brand for the global market – we have what you are looking for.

Global Brand Licensing is a business unit within the Electrolux Group creating business opportunities by licensing the Group’s more than 50 brands.

We develop and manage a range of licensing programs in various product categories all over the world, helping our nearly 100 brand partners to grow and strengthening their business.

In today’s reality – A great product without a great brand often leads nowhere. Licensing is in its core about capitalizing on established brand equity instead of building an entirely new brand from scratch. What we offer are opportunities to move faster using the strengths of our well-established brands, utilizing both consumer recognition and brand loyalty.

Our brand portfolio covers everything from global brands to more niche brands suitable for a specific market or target group. There is however one common thing for all of our brands – they have all been around for generations, and they still continue to thrive.

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