Improve product performance and efficiency

Improve product performance and efficiency

We are creating ever more efficient, high-performance appliances, which help consumers and customers to live better lives, save money and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our promise

Electrolux will improve the energy and water performance of our appliances, raising the bar for product efficiency around the world.

The roadmap to 2020

  • Be a leader in product efficiency in our most important markets by 2020.
  • Continue to develop products with good environmental performance, with focus on energy efficiency.
  • Continue to drive the market for efficient products through awareness-building customer and consumer campaigns.

The case for action

Tackling climate change by reducing greenhouse gases is one of the greatest, most urgent challenge society is facing. At the same time, demand for water is set to increase by as much as 40% by 2030, meaning that a billion more people will live in places where water can no longer be taken for granted.

Efficient appliances can help ease that strain. The most significant environmental impact occurs when energy is consumed during product use. That’s why improving product efficiency is among the Group’s top priorities. Using an efficient appliance also saves water, for example, using a dishwasher is more water efficient than washing dishes by hand.

This promise is embedded in the Group’s R&D processes through defined targets and KPIs for each major product category, for instance vacuum cleaners and major appliances in food preservation, fabric care and dish care, in markets where recognized efficiency standards exist. We have a clear follow-up methodology for energy and water performance that allows us to track progress against our goals.

This promise will contribute to our climate targets.

The approach

Product-efficiency targets and KPIs are integrated into our product generation planning. The latter is supported by an analysis of the regulatory landscape, market position and energy-efficiency improvements. Electrolux reports annually on its green range of energy-efficient products to measure sales and profitability of efficient products.

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With our innovative approach, we are increasing our use of recycled materials and reducing our environmental impact.

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Our consumers can feel reassured that we’re managing chemicals carefully and replacing those that cause concern.

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The Electrolux Restricted Materials List specifies the chemicals that we classify as “banned”, “restricted” and “substances of concern”.

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