Human rights

Electrolux is active in more than 150 markets and we strive to create a positive impact wherever we conduct business. Our approach to human rights issues particularly influences how we manage our employees and suppliers. It is an intrinsic part of our commitment to doing business well.

Guided by UN Global Compact’s ten principles that relate to responsible business conduct, we strive to uphold the same universal values wherever we have a presence.

From the business perspective, human rights work encompasses areas such as eliminating under-age labor, instilling fair labor practices, non-discrimination, non-tolerance of harassment and freedom of association.

The Electrolux response

  • Participation in international organizations such as the UN Global Compact and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) provide a platform for dialogue with interest groups on how best to address these complex issues. Engagement helps define collaborative solutions, especially valuable in emerging markets.
  • We integrate human rights principles into our business practices through our Workplace Code of Conduct. The Code is applied group-wide and to our suppliers.
  • Within our own units, the electronic assessment tool ALFA (Awareness-Learning-Feedback-Assessment) is used to monitor adherence to the Workplace Code of Conduct, offer feedback opportunities and test the Code’s integration.
  • We aim to be an agent for change by influencing our supply chain on human rights related issues. Our risk-based approach allows us to focus on the issues and regions where we can make the greatest difference.
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