Ensure best health and safety

Ensure best health and safety

Our safety mindset means we’re preventing accidents and keeping our people safe and sound, no matter where they are in the world.

The promise

Electrolux will be the leader on health and safety in the appliance industry, wherever we operate in the world.

The roadmap to 2020

  • Continue to reduce our global injury rate (TCIR) by at least 5% every year.
  • Attain safety certification for our operations across the world.
  • Integrate the Group’s safety program into new acquisitions within three years of purchase.

The case for action

Our colleagues’ wellbeing is important to us. We have a duty of care towards every individual working for us, and we take it seriously.

We know that the wellbeing of our people affects our bottom line. In fact, our approach to safety led to an estimated saving of over SEK 300 million in 2015 compared with 2005, based on calculations of average real costs for injuries and the number of injuries that incur lost days.

Beyond the bottom line, we want everyone who works with us to be safe and healthy, and to bring their best to their role.

That’s why health and safety has long been a fundamental part of our foundational values [LINK] and remains an important part of our sustainability agenda, with clear targets and processes in place to ensure we make real progress.

Our commitment applies wherever Electrolux operates in the world, going above and beyond local regulations.

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