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Every brand represents a promise to its market: “buy me and you will get this experience.” Strong brands are trusted brands; they have built a reputation with customers over time by living up to their promises of quality, innovation and leadership.

We have many strong brands in our portfolio. Our main focus is to continue to build Electrolux, our biggest and most important brand, known and trusted by both consumers and professional users around the world.

We also have a range of other strong brands for both consumers and the professional market. Some of these brands have an international reputation, such as AEG and Frigidaire.

Others are local brands that are mainly known by consumers in a particular country, or professional brands known by users in a special field, such as Molteni for professional chefs.

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Originated in Italy in 1974, Alpeninox is the refrigeration specialist.

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In addition to its core business, the Electrolux Group is one of the world’s largest companies active in brand licensing, promoting the Group’s more than 50 brands.

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Dito Sama is not just a renowned brand with a long tradition of excellence in the Food Preparation industry.

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