Don’t Overwash – new project drives sustainable care habits

March 21, 2017

The Electrolux Group is spreading the word on more sustainable clothing care habits through The Care Label Project, launched today by its AEG brand along with key partners from the fashion industry. At the heart of the project is a new care label: ‘Don’t Overwash’.

Today, 90% of all clothing is discarded far earlier than needed, and as much as 70% of these are due to faded colors, shrinkage and misshaping. This could be prevented with better care habits.

“Aftercare of clothes has a great impact on both the longevity of clothes and the environment. However, our care habits have not changed in a very long time, even though we now have modern technologies that can prolong the life of our clothes and be more gentle to the environment, if used correctly,” said Henrik Sundström, Vice President Sustainability Affairs at Electrolux. “To change this, we initiated the Care Label Project and are launching the new care label ‘Don’t Overwash.”

In an international study conducted by AEG to map care habits in Europe, more than half of consumers state that they rely on care labels to feel confident when doing their laundry. However, a third find them confusing. In fact, care labels are only suggestions for how to do laundry, and it is established within the fashion industry to understate a fabric’s durability to avoid upsetting customers who accidently ruin their clothes due to the care label’s suggestions.

‘Don’t Overwash’ updates old care habits in three main categories; Dry Clean Only, Lower Temperatures and Wash Less. In addition to the new care label, The Care Label Project has created a Modern Care Guide, available on AEG’s website, with up-to-date tips on how to lovingly care for your clothes. Together, the care label and care guide set out to educate consumers and the industry on how to care for their clothes in a modern way that is less damaging for both clothes and environment.

To test the new care label ‘Don’t Overwash’ and the Modern Care Guide, AEG teamed up with 14 up-and-coming designers from across Europe. They are all trying out AEG’s products and updated care habits, in order to themselves test and prove that modern technology can care for the most delicate fabrics in a satisfactory way. Other partners in the project are the Woolmark Company, Fashion Revolution, Not Just A Label (NJAL), adidas, Houdini and Electrolux.

Sustainability is at the core of the Electrolux business strategy, and this campaign supports the company’s sustainability framework, For the Better.

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Electrolux - The Care Label Project

Electrolux – The Care Label Project

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