Brand – Juno-Electrolux

Juno has for many years been a built-in kitchen appliance specialist for people who enjoy cooking. In 2004, the brand was renamed Juno-Electrolux to signify the connection with Electrolux.

Juno-Electrolux, the appliance specialist for those who enjoy cooking, offers two ranges of built-in kitchen appliances. Both are designed for the most demanding of cooks. Juno-Electrolux Le Maitre presents professional kitchen elements, where steam cooking is the focal point of the range.

Juno-Electrolux performance presents cooking appliances at their finest, combining functional use and up-to-date design with modern functions and ergonomic design. Both are representatives of our philosophy of thoughtful design innovations, where thinking that little bit extra about consumers’ needs and desires create opportunities for exciting and relevant innovations.

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