Be a force for good

Be a force for good

Electrolux focuses its social investments and community activities on food and related sustainability issues. The ambition is to contribute more in addressing major global challenges such as hunger, poor nutrition, food waste and responsible consumption, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The promise

Electrolux will make a positive difference in our local communities, focusing on important areas of social needs.

The roadmap to 2020

  • Establish a Group approach to social investment, focusing on a few strategic areas of need that fit with our business strategy.

The case for action

Through our global reach and local presence, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference, benefiting our local communities, our employees and our business.

This works best where we see a natural fit between the needs of the local community and our operations. That means we can respond to the community and build long-term relationships that benefit everyone..

As a first step, the company has set up the Electrolux Food Foundation, creating a long-term platform for funding initiatives in this area and engaging employees around the world. The initial investment is SEK 10 million. Electrolux has also joined forces with the global association of chefs, Worldchefs, and with AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led network, in Feed the Planet – a key partnership that includes commitments to driving a number of food projects over the coming years.

The objectives are to inspire better food consumption and cooking habits among consumers and professionals, maximizing sustainable and healthy choices while contributing to a reduction of negative impacts. Other aspects are to support people in need – in putting better, more nutritious food on the table, providing advice on cooking on a tight budget, offering workplace education and supporting emergency relief efforts through Worldchefs without Borders.

The first initiative to be financed by the Electrolux Food Foundation is the Feed the Planet partnership. Electrolux units can also apply for funding from the foundation to launch local projects supporting the objectives.

By implementing a Group-wide approach to social investment, Electrolux is seeking to fulfil its promise “Be a Force for Good” in a way that is also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically, Electrolux hopes to have a positive impact on the goals Zero Hunger (#2) and Responsible consumption and production (#12). Food is also a major factor in climate change, meaning this focus area ties well into Electrolux goal to halve its carbon emissions by 2020.

To read more about related community initiatives, click here.

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