Act ethically and respect human rights

Act ethically and respect human rights

We continue to build an ethical, trusted company, where everyone impacted by our operations can feel confident that their rights are respected.

Our promise

Electrolux will earn the trust of everyone impacted by our operations, demonstrating our commitment to ethics and human rights through our words and actions.

The roadmap to 2020

  • Develop and implement a cohesive, group-wide approach to human rights.
  • Provide guidance to employees on how to do the right thing by promoting our Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics.
  • Be responsive and respectful when dealing with issues of concern, building trust in our Ethics Program among employees.

The case for action

Our company is built on trust, and that means our foundational values must underpin everything we do.

Wherever Electrolux operates in the world, we apply the same high standards of conduct: respect, diversity, integrity, ethics, safety and protecting the environment. We will respect the rights of everyone we interact with, regardless of their nationality, gender, ethnic origin, color, religion or other grounds for discrimination.

An ethical approach is vital to the success of our business. For example, a strong culture of ethics helps us avoid the potential detrimental impacts from a loss of stakeholder trust resulting from corruption. These costs can be significant and are well worth avoiding. The World Economic Forum, for example estimates that corruption increases the cost of doing business globally by up to 10% on average.

Additionally, customers, investors and other stakeholders expect us to act ethically. Consumers are increasingly making purchasing choices based on whether a company is perceived as being trustworthy and whether it contributes to society.

Respecting human rights and being an ethical company goes beyond simply meeting legal requirements. It’s about guiding employees to know what is right and wrong, and how to make decisions accordingly.

Our goals reflect our commitment to build a strong culture for ethics and human rights, no matter where we work in the world.

The approach

Our Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and Policy on Corruption and Bribery are the starting points for our work with ethics, anti-corruption and human rights. The Code of Conduct constitutes our human rights policy, and guides our efforts to assess, manage and mitigate the risks of non-compliance. It also helps define our expectations throughout the value chain. The Code was revised in 2014 to better reflect our responsibility to respect human rights, based on a corporate risk assessment, and to consider the expectations of employee representatives, customers and investors.

Accountability for the Ethics Program and oversight of Human Rights lies with the Ethics & Human Rights Steering Group, which comprises of representatives from Group Management. Human rights procedures engage many functions throughout our organization, from human resources to purchasing and compliance.

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